Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Confessions Friday: Day 13

Hello my lovely friends and followers! Welcome to this week's set of confessions!

Earlier this week I was able to submit a couple confessions myself, and they've already posted one of them! I'll include it in today's set :) Enjoy!

Confession One:

Reminds me of someone... ;) (The Disney Freak) I feel like Angelina can pull this off. I like how it's a different role than what she's used to playing, but for some reason I can picture this working out.

Confession Two:

Makes sense! Never really thought of it that way.

Confession Three (mine!):

Sad, but true. I did enjoy Brave, but I just can't stop thinking about how they need to make this sequel. I think it's becoming a problem lol. I explain myself more here. (I love the picture they chose to use with the confession)

Confession Four:

It's based on the book...which was mainly inspired off of hallucinogenic drugs. The book is pretty messed up as well. I think Disney did this movie though because of the creative opportunities the book held.

Confession Five:

I've thought of that too!!

Any opinions? Feel free to share!

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  1. Why did I not comment before??!!!???!
    That first confession... I am so pissed because I know they are going to screw it up!!