Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Confessions Friday: Day 12

Hello my lovely followers!!! Welcome to Disney Confession Friday!

Confession One:

Bahaha I feel like Johnny Depp would make that amazing if that actually happened.

Confession Two:

There's a Universal Program?? I need to check this out for backup....after all, they have Harry Potter World!

Confession Three:

I'm kind of mixed about this...because computer animation takes a LONG time to create, and all of the movie companies are moving towards 3D animation and more life-like productions. Though I do agree the hand-drawn look is special, I feel like it might just simply be outdated in order for Disney to keep competing with the other animation companies like DreamWorks.

Confession Four:

Gah I ADORE this song!!! I looove playing it on the piano and (attempting) to sing it.
Confession Five:

Don't we all honey...don't we all.


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  1. Great choices but.....

    Not mine :)


    1. Whatcha goin' do now, Sara? :D That Mickey one was close--mine was posted around that one!! My second one still hasn't posted--I wonder if they won't. How about yours?

    2. Hey, you're getting followers ;) My advice helped, eh? :D

    3. Ahh thanks for the hint ;) I dont think mine are going to be posted soon because I just submitted them like two days ago and they probably have a huge line up of submissions to go through. We'll see! :)

      And yes, it's working ;) Thank you again!

    4. So I'm looking through these posts with the WDC posts, and I found these comments. Lol what was my advice on getting Blogspot followers? Because I need it for myself now lol :P

    5. Haha I think it was to start following and commenting on other blogs. Just kind of get engaged with more Blogspot blogs and they usually will return the favor by subscribing.

    6. Oh riight! XD Well, thanks for the reminder! :D I shall get back onto that lol