Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disney Wedding Jewelry: Part One

The final parts of Alfred Angelo's Disney Fairy Tale Wedding series include the gorgeous jewelry created for each princess! Since each princess has about nine pieces of jewelry, I will be posting two princesses at a time. Today we shall be looking at Ariel and Belle's stunning necklaces and earrings!

My favorite has to be the earrings in the center!

I love the earrings in the middle row on the very right! I also really like the collection in the bottom row!

Short and sweet post :)

Last Friday I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman. Originally I didn't want to see it but my friend offered to pay for half of my ticket so I caved. Since I also saw Mirror Mirror (another Snow White movie that came out this year) I want to share my opinion with you about both movies and which one I preferred. I know they weren't Disney movies, but Snow White is obviously a famous Disney princess! I will be posting my opinion on those very soon!

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