Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meet Sara Squared

You know how I've been telling you that my best friend is going to be doing the Disney College Program with me? Well, we finally had the time to get together and make an acceptance video blog!

We're pretty random and get distracted sorry about that xD


As we said at the end of the video, we'll be making more vlogs when things start to actually happen, such as packing, getting our letters, and possibly some other fun stuff in between. If you have any ideas, let us know!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Confessions Friday: Day 20

Happy 20th week anniversary Walt Disney Confession Friday!

Confession One:

I feel that way about all of the Aladdin face characters!

Confession Two:

It's always amazing to hear Disney help people in moments like these.

Confession Three:

This person does have a point!

Confession Four:

Oh my goodness that is just too cute!

Confession Five:

That's a fantastic idea!

Source: Walt Disney Confessions Tumblr

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disney Tune...Wednesday?

I apologize for the lack of Tune Tuesday yesterday! Instead of ignoring the fact that I blatantly spaced about the fact that it was Tuesday (I'm so off this week), I decided to still share with you the song that is ALWAYS in my head!!

I also wanted to share this with you because today after my classes were finished I was hanging out with my friends in the student lounge area, and I heard a familiar voice and song behind me. I looked over and noticed that two guys sitting in a chair a few feet away from me were watching Tangled! At first I was kind of surprised, it's not every day you see people at my college watching Disney movies like this one (though one time this one group started blasting Lion King music..which I was okay with).

Hearing any Tangled song is kind of a curse for me...simply because if I hear it, I'll get "I've Got a Dream" stuck in my head. Since it's always stuck in my head, I decided to share it with you! :)


For a quick Disney College Program update: After a few weeks of searching and talking to new and amazing people on Facebook, my friend and I have found our roommates for the program! I'll explain more later about how the living/housing/roommate process goes :)

Have a magical day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Powhatan Peacemaker

One of my personal favorite Disney princesses (and movies) is Pocahontas. I find her beauty, grace, and love of nature admirable, as well as her bravery when wanting to bring peace to the two different worlds.

Here's what people have to say about why they love Pocahontas!

"My favorite princess is Pocahontas! I know a lot of people don't consider her a princess, but Disney says she is an official princess so that's what I go by haha. I love the fact that she teaches John Smith about her culture and that being different isn't wrong. And then, even after falling in love with him and saving his life, she chooses to stay with her family and people anyway because that's where she's needed. Also, she's smart, she's gorgeous, and her hair is awesome :D" –hurricane-christine

"I love Pocahontas, because she is driven by her heart, and always stays true to her feelings, and relies on her faith." -disney-24-7

"I love her free soul and spirit I think she is a truly heroine cause she stands for what she believes is good and not what others try to push in her mind." -93livelovelaugh

"My favorite princess is Pocahontas, because she's so strong in emotion, and cares so much for others. She knows what she wants, but she also takes in what the repercussions of what she does will have on others. She wouldn't do anything if it meant that something terrible would happen in response. (Not to mention her soundtrack is AMAZING.)" -mydisneyaddiction

"Pocahontas is one of my favorite princesses because I'm related to the real life Pocahontas!" -wordslikebeauty

"Pocahontas is my favorite princess because of what she stands for and how she brings peace between two different worlds." -Joy Ilena

I'm so jealous that one girl is related to her! That's so incredibly cool! Pocahontas is definitely one of my top five favorite Disney movies, and probably my second favorite princess!

If you have a favorite princess, tell me who it is and why you love her! You'll immediately be featured on the their fan page!

You can submit in a comment here, on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr!

Have a magical day!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Exactly is the Disney College Program?

I've gotten many questions from my friends and followers asking what exactly IS the Disney College Program? Well, I'm here to fully explain it to you!

The Disney College Program (DCP) is a program with Disney for individuals currently enrolled in college. If you are accepted into the program, you will have the opportunity to work in either a Disney park or hotel/resort for an entire semester (Disneyland or Walt Disney World). However, you must go through the application process before anything else can happen!

Application Process:

  1. General Application: This is the same kind of application as many other jobs where you submit your basic information and the roles you would like. I have a video blog about it here.
  2. Web Based Interview: Everyone gets invited to do the web based interview. This is generally a personality test to see if you're right for Disney. Many people pass the WBI, but sometimes there are a few that do not. The majority of people do pass though.
  3. Phone Interview: This is the most nerve-wracking part of the application. After passing the WBI you will be able to schedule your phone interview. This is where a Disney representative will call and interview you about your work experience, your preferences, and why you want to do the program. I have a video blog and post about it here.
After this, you'll wait up to two weeks to hear back if you have been rejected, pended, or accepted. As you all may know by now, I was accepted! :) what?

My best friend and I have decided to arrive in Florida in early January. Your arrival date marks the day you will check in, finish some paperwork, choose your apartment complex, and discover/request your roommates. More events go on throughout the week, but I will explain those when the time comes (simply because I don't know enough about it at the moment).

During the program, my friend and I will be working as Quick Service Food and Beverage (QSFB) cast members at either one of the parks or resorts in Walt Disney World. It wasn't a part of my top choices, but as long as you put some sort of interest in a job option, you can very well be picked! You don't find out where you're working until orientation after you arrive. After a couple weeks of training, you're on your own and working full time in your location for a full semester!

Along with working, DCP members have the option of taking classes. (Yes, there is such thing as Disney University!) Some classes can count as college credit, but the one I want to take is just a seminar that relates to my major (marketing). I want to take the Disney Exploration Series: Marketing seminar, which will take place an hour or so a week for eight weeks total. This way I will be able to explore Disney's marketing strategies and hopefully network with important people!

The Circle of Dance!

One of my favorite TV shows is So You Think You Can Dance. Everyone on the show is so talented it's crazy! Just a couple days ago, the season nine finale aired, and they had the top ten dancers with the all-star performers dance an amazing song to a remixed "Circle of Life" from The Lion King!! It was so neat, I had to share it with you!

One item on my bucket list is to see The Lion King on Broadway. It just looks like an incredible performance and show! The soundtrack to the movie is also one of my absolute favorites.

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I would like to announce, that I am officially a Disney College Program cast member in Walt Disney World!!! I got the email yesterday afternoon notifying me that I'm officially a Quick Service Food and Beverage cast member from January to May! I'm so excited!!!!

QSFB wasn't my first choice, but it wasn't my last so I'm perfectly fine with it! I'm excited to have a lot of guest interaction and (most likely) work in the parks! My best friend and I have the same type of job, so that makes things exciting as well!

We're thinking about having our arrival date at the beginning of January. We want to be there ASAP! :)

I'm just so happy!!! I didn't think I was going to get my email yesterday, because the day before they were sending emails much earlier in the morning. My friend texted me saying some people were getting accepted, so I used my friend's laptop at school and found out I was in!

Since I am officially going to be a part of the DCP, this blog will contain details about me getting prepared in the next few months, and then my journey throughout the program! Don't worry, this blog was originally started as a tool to keep in touch and inform my family, friends, and followers about the program if I got accepted (which I did!!). There is no way I'm going to forget to inform you guys about everything!!

Now comes the agonizing part....having to go through my last semester at school :P Concentration isn't really at its finest moment right now...I'll just have to keep moving forward, because at the end of the road, my dream is waiting for me!!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disney Tune Tuesday 13: Go the Distance

I decided to pick a motivational song this week because Disney College Program acceptances began today! Unfortunately, I have not heard back yet, but my best friend got accepted!!! She will be officially a quick service food and beverage cast member in Disney World for the Spring semester :) Fingers crossed for my email to come soon bearing good news!!

"I Can Go the Distance"
From: Hercules

Hopefully next blog post will be good news about the DCP!!! Wish me luck!!

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Have a magical day!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Confessions Friday: Day 19

Wow, this week has been crazy busy! School is finally in full swing with the homework load, I had my phone interview for the Disney College Program this past Monday, and I started a new job tutoring. Got to love the busy life! :)

It's that time of the week! Five Walt Disney confessions coming your way!

Confession One:
I've noticed this. The sequels for The Lion King and Aladdin have really cheap animation quality in comparison to the originals.

Confession Two:

I can really relate to Meg also. I wouldn't say I'm screwed up but I've had some rough experiences with relationships and it's nice to see an imperfect Disney character find that kind of love again :)

Confession Three:

Oh my gosh what....Pudge was originally supposed to die??? D:

Confession Four:

That is such a cute story! (Minus the sad part about the divorce.) I absolutely adore Enchanted. I think it's a really underrated Disney movie.

Confession Five:

You know..that's actually an excellent comparison. I wasn't a huge fan of Brave compared to the other Pixar movies. I just kind of have a problem with "bravery" being portrayed in the form of betraying your own family.

Source: Walt Disney Confessions Blog

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Disney College Program Phone Interview!

Hey guys! I had my phone interview for the Disney College Program on Monday! I feel pretty confident about it, but of course I need to wait until I hear back from them (in two weeks) to see if I was accepted or not!

Here's a video blog with details about the phone interview and my experience. Enjoy!

List of questions they asked me:

  1. Why do you want to do the program?
  2. Tell me about your past work experience.
  3. Do you prefer working indoors or outdoors?
  4. What kind of pace to you prefer working?
  5. How would you make someone's experience magical if you were working as a merchandise cast member?
  6. Have you handled cash before?
  7. How would you handle a repetitive schedule or task?
  8. Have you spoken in front of a large group of people before?
  9. How would you handle an emergency?
  10. Have you lived with roommates or in a dorm situation before?
  11. How would you handle a roommate that wasn't cooperating?
  12. Are you familiar with the Disney look?
  13. Do you have any tattoos or piercings that can be seen outside a one piece bathing suit?
That was it! Watch the video for more details :)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment here or message me via Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook!

Good luck to everyone applying!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Disney Tune Tuesday 12: Life Will Begin

Last night at 6:15 I had my phone interview for the Disney College Program! I think it went very well. I will be creating a video blog either today or tomorrow explaining most of the questions that she asked me and answering questions anyone might have about the interview. I know the phone interview is the most nerve-wracking part of the application for the majority of applicants, so any way I can help you feel better about the process I'm willing to help!

Meanwhile, today is Tuesday! Which means, Disney song day!

This is a song that I've been listening to many times lately, and I know a lot of people on the Disney College Program Spring 2013 Facebook group page have also! Waiting is a huge part of the application, which is probably why this song is so relatable at a time like this!

When Will My Life Begin?
From: Tangled

If you have any questions about anything that you would like to be answered in my next video blog, feel free to write them in the comments!

You can also contact me on The Disney Den's Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter!

Have a magical day!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Disney College Program Application

As I previously mentioned, I applied to The Disney College Program last Thursday! Here's a video blog about the process. I also answered a few questions that were sent to me on Tumblr. Enjoy!

My phone interview is TOMORROW!! Ack!! Freaking out!!!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Passed the First Stage of DCP Applications!!

Hello everyone!!! I apologize for posting this so late at night, but I'd like to share with you that I've finally applied to the Disney College Program, and my best friend and I both passed the web based interviews!! We scheduled our phone interviews for next week!!!!!

Mine is going to be Monday at 6:15 pm (eeek!) and hers is Tuesday at 2:00 pm.

I've asked on Tumblr if people would like a written or video blog about the first part of the application process, and most of them said video. So, I'm going to be posting video blogs about the application process and hopefully my journey if I get accepted!! My best friend (Sara) and I will most likely be doing the videos together(:

If any of you have any questions about the application process, the program in general, or about the two of us, please feel free to ask in the comments below!!

In the meantime...I'm going to do a happy dance for this crazy amazing first step towards dreams coming true!!!!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disney Tune Tuesday 11: Be Prepared!

As I've stated before, The Lion King is my all time favorite Disney movie. What you probably didn't know is that my favorite Disney villain is Scar, and favorite Disney villain song is "Be Prepared." I find the hyenas hilarious in this song!

Hyena: "Yeah we'll be prepared! ...For what?"
Scar: "For the death of the king!"
Hyena: "Why, is he sick?"

Hahaha never fails to make me chuckle.  Enjoy!

Be Prepared

In other news...I recently was informed that the Disney College Program Spring 2012 application opens THIS THURSDAY!!! I'm so excited!!!

I'll keep everyone posted as events unfold! I'm also debating on doing video blogs about my application and my experience if I get accepted. 

My question for you is, would you rather have a written experience (on here) or a video blog (which I will also post on here)?

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Courageous Mermaid

Princess Ariel was a stubborn mermaid with big dreams of one day becoming human. She conquered her fears and faced all types of obstacles to achieve her dream and be with her one true love. This is one of the many reasons why Disney fans absolutely adore Ariel as their favorite Disney princess.

For a few weeks I've asked people why they love Ariel, and here's what they have to say!

"Why I'm obsessed with Ariel is because of her courage and her sense of her beliefs at such a young age. She defies her father with is something I've never had the courage to do with my parents. She goes after what she wants, although is a little naive in doing so, so are all teenagers. But she's a dreamer." – crushedflowers

"I've always loved Ariel, because she is a mermaid, and the original redheaded princess. She was my favorite as a kid, and probably always will be." -amorethanaverageday

"Ariel is my favorite princess because of the lengths she went to pursue her dreams. Not only did she display bravery, but also strength. Plus, she saved Eric twice! Her beauty and voice are not the only wonderful features she has." -undertheseaatdisney

"I love Ariel because she's beautiful, overtly curious, isn't afraid to go after what she wants, and I mean come on.. She's a freaking mermaid. Love her <3" -unaimlesslywandering

"My favorite Disney princess is Ariel because she knows what she wants and finds a way to make it happen, plus Eric battles a giant sea witch for her. (:" -bbcarr

 "Ariel is my favorite because she's so headstrong and sweet, and she will follow her dreams no matter what <3" -dreamingafairytaledream

"I love Ariel because she means so much to my daughter!!" -Karen Maser

"Ariel is my favorite princess because I LOVE the water and anything to do with it, and she is a mermaid, so that's one reason. I loved how she was a rebel because that's who I feel like I am. And she was the only red-hair princess [if Merida isn't added], and I'm a red-head! And because she is AWESOME!"- The Disney Mermaid

"Ariel! She has the adventurous life that I want, and who doesn't want to be a mermaid, really?" -Emma Lumpkin

"Ariel, because she grew up with an intimidating and controlling father (although he really just wants whats best for her) and sisters that required his attention more than she did. And because she wants to do the impossible, but still keeps dreaming that it will happen (: and it does. I can relate!" -Katelynn Stout

"Ariel, because she doesn't let the opinions of others saying that 'she can't' sway her or crush her dreams. She does whatever it takes to follow her dreams to make her happy. :)" -Rhianna Lyn

Seems like we have quite a pattern here! Ariel is beautiful, strong, courageous and headstrong! Who couldn't love her?

To be very honest...I'm not a huge fan. It's mainly because I have a problem with her defying her father to be with a man she's never even spoken to. Just seems a little unrealistic to me. However, I think she has one of the best voices out of all of the Disney princesses, and really good music in her movie too!

Who's your favorite Disney princess? Send your reasons either in a comment below, a message on Tumblr, a direct message on Twitter, or a post on Facebook! Your username/link will be featured next to your comment! (Unless you'd rather be anonymous.)

Click here to see why everyone loves Belle! :)

Have a fabulous day!