Monday, September 24, 2012

The Powhatan Peacemaker

One of my personal favorite Disney princesses (and movies) is Pocahontas. I find her beauty, grace, and love of nature admirable, as well as her bravery when wanting to bring peace to the two different worlds.

Here's what people have to say about why they love Pocahontas!

"My favorite princess is Pocahontas! I know a lot of people don't consider her a princess, but Disney says she is an official princess so that's what I go by haha. I love the fact that she teaches John Smith about her culture and that being different isn't wrong. And then, even after falling in love with him and saving his life, she chooses to stay with her family and people anyway because that's where she's needed. Also, she's smart, she's gorgeous, and her hair is awesome :D" –hurricane-christine

"I love Pocahontas, because she is driven by her heart, and always stays true to her feelings, and relies on her faith." -disney-24-7

"I love her free soul and spirit I think she is a truly heroine cause she stands for what she believes is good and not what others try to push in her mind." -93livelovelaugh

"My favorite princess is Pocahontas, because she's so strong in emotion, and cares so much for others. She knows what she wants, but she also takes in what the repercussions of what she does will have on others. She wouldn't do anything if it meant that something terrible would happen in response. (Not to mention her soundtrack is AMAZING.)" -mydisneyaddiction

"Pocahontas is one of my favorite princesses because I'm related to the real life Pocahontas!" -wordslikebeauty

"Pocahontas is my favorite princess because of what she stands for and how she brings peace between two different worlds." -Joy Ilena

I'm so jealous that one girl is related to her! That's so incredibly cool! Pocahontas is definitely one of my top five favorite Disney movies, and probably my second favorite princess!

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