Thursday, September 20, 2012


I would like to announce, that I am officially a Disney College Program cast member in Walt Disney World!!! I got the email yesterday afternoon notifying me that I'm officially a Quick Service Food and Beverage cast member from January to May! I'm so excited!!!!

QSFB wasn't my first choice, but it wasn't my last so I'm perfectly fine with it! I'm excited to have a lot of guest interaction and (most likely) work in the parks! My best friend and I have the same type of job, so that makes things exciting as well!

We're thinking about having our arrival date at the beginning of January. We want to be there ASAP! :)

I'm just so happy!!! I didn't think I was going to get my email yesterday, because the day before they were sending emails much earlier in the morning. My friend texted me saying some people were getting accepted, so I used my friend's laptop at school and found out I was in!

Since I am officially going to be a part of the DCP, this blog will contain details about me getting prepared in the next few months, and then my journey throughout the program! Don't worry, this blog was originally started as a tool to keep in touch and inform my family, friends, and followers about the program if I got accepted (which I did!!). There is no way I'm going to forget to inform you guys about everything!!

Now comes the agonizing part....having to go through my last semester at school :P Concentration isn't really at its finest moment right now...I'll just have to keep moving forward, because at the end of the road, my dream is waiting for me!!

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  1. Wow! Congrats, that's great. I'm not exactly familiar with what the program, so does that mean you will work for Disney and get a College degree?


    1. It means that I'm going to be working in Disney World for a semester, and I will also be taking a marketing seminar (which is optional) to learn about the marketing section in Disney and network with important people :) After the program I will return back to school and continue my studies!

  2. You Go Girl! I remember getting mine, though they did it through mail, I never got an email. I cried and ran around my college like a crazy person. Sadly I didn't go down with my Best friend, she had went down the semester before me.

  3. Congrats my DPiC! I'm so proud of you! I remember when I first started following you and you were just wishing. Now it's happened. You'll have the time of your life. Maybe I'll get to do it sometime soon. :)

  4. Thanks you guys!!
    TDF: I remember that too! hehe ;) You really should consider doing it!! Aaand possibly visitng WDW between January-May? ;)