Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Confessions Friday: Day 19

Wow, this week has been crazy busy! School is finally in full swing with the homework load, I had my phone interview for the Disney College Program this past Monday, and I started a new job tutoring. Got to love the busy life! :)

It's that time of the week! Five Walt Disney confessions coming your way!

Confession One:
I've noticed this. The sequels for The Lion King and Aladdin have really cheap animation quality in comparison to the originals.

Confession Two:

I can really relate to Meg also. I wouldn't say I'm screwed up but I've had some rough experiences with relationships and it's nice to see an imperfect Disney character find that kind of love again :)

Confession Three:

Oh my gosh what....Pudge was originally supposed to die??? D:

Confession Four:

That is such a cute story! (Minus the sad part about the divorce.) I absolutely adore Enchanted. I think it's a really underrated Disney movie.

Confession Five:

You know..that's actually an excellent comparison. I wasn't a huge fan of Brave compared to the other Pixar movies. I just kind of have a problem with "bravery" being portrayed in the form of betraying your own family.

Source: Walt Disney Confessions Blog

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1 comment:

  1. First confession: very very true! That is why I really don't like them either. Also because, as mentioned on, the sequels often mess up the characters we'd grown to love. That's just me however, and I still love Disney.

    Fourth confession: I love Enchanted too! It'd be on my favorite Disney movies list (probably top five) except it's kind of a combination of all of the films, so it has it's own special place in my heart :)

    Final confession: I like what this confessor said as well! :)

    Thanks for sharing!