Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Courageous Mermaid

Princess Ariel was a stubborn mermaid with big dreams of one day becoming human. She conquered her fears and faced all types of obstacles to achieve her dream and be with her one true love. This is one of the many reasons why Disney fans absolutely adore Ariel as their favorite Disney princess.

For a few weeks I've asked people why they love Ariel, and here's what they have to say!

"Why I'm obsessed with Ariel is because of her courage and her sense of her beliefs at such a young age. She defies her father with is something I've never had the courage to do with my parents. She goes after what she wants, although is a little naive in doing so, so are all teenagers. But she's a dreamer." – crushedflowers

"I've always loved Ariel, because she is a mermaid, and the original redheaded princess. She was my favorite as a kid, and probably always will be." -amorethanaverageday

"Ariel is my favorite princess because of the lengths she went to pursue her dreams. Not only did she display bravery, but also strength. Plus, she saved Eric twice! Her beauty and voice are not the only wonderful features she has." -undertheseaatdisney

"I love Ariel because she's beautiful, overtly curious, isn't afraid to go after what she wants, and I mean come on.. She's a freaking mermaid. Love her <3" -unaimlesslywandering

"My favorite Disney princess is Ariel because she knows what she wants and finds a way to make it happen, plus Eric battles a giant sea witch for her. (:" -bbcarr

 "Ariel is my favorite because she's so headstrong and sweet, and she will follow her dreams no matter what <3" -dreamingafairytaledream

"I love Ariel because she means so much to my daughter!!" -Karen Maser

"Ariel is my favorite princess because I LOVE the water and anything to do with it, and she is a mermaid, so that's one reason. I loved how she was a rebel because that's who I feel like I am. And she was the only red-hair princess [if Merida isn't added], and I'm a red-head! And because she is AWESOME!"- The Disney Mermaid

"Ariel! She has the adventurous life that I want, and who doesn't want to be a mermaid, really?" -Emma Lumpkin

"Ariel, because she grew up with an intimidating and controlling father (although he really just wants whats best for her) and sisters that required his attention more than she did. And because she wants to do the impossible, but still keeps dreaming that it will happen (: and it does. I can relate!" -Katelynn Stout

"Ariel, because she doesn't let the opinions of others saying that 'she can't' sway her or crush her dreams. She does whatever it takes to follow her dreams to make her happy. :)" -Rhianna Lyn

Seems like we have quite a pattern here! Ariel is beautiful, strong, courageous and headstrong! Who couldn't love her?

To be very honest...I'm not a huge fan. It's mainly because I have a problem with her defying her father to be with a man she's never even spoken to. Just seems a little unrealistic to me. However, I think she has one of the best voices out of all of the Disney princesses, and really good music in her movie too!

Who's your favorite Disney princess? Send your reasons either in a comment below, a message on Tumblr, a direct message on Twitter, or a post on Facebook! Your username/link will be featured next to your comment! (Unless you'd rather be anonymous.)

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  1. I asked The Disney Mermaid her reasons for loving Ariel so much and I'm going to send that via Facebook :)