Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Confessions Friday: Day 18

The Walt Disney Confessions Tumblr is back in action! They had taken a short hiatus but now they are back in full swing :)

Confession One:

Oh my..that doesn't sound good.
Confession Two:

Very opposite to the last confession! But it makes sense. I agree with this one!
Confession Three:

Is it pink? Or blue? ;)
Confession Four:

ASLDKFJA;SLKDF SHE MET DISNEY?!?! And he said THAT? Thoroughly jealous!!!
Confession Five:

Always nice to read these stories about how Disney helped save someone's life :)

Source: Walt Disney Confessions Blog

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  1. Confession three was my life as a child :)
    And woah! Confession Four! Suuuuper jealous.
    Thanks for sharing Sara! I'd missed it: as I told you. I'm back in buisness too btw.

    1. Haha I thought of you when I found that confession!
      Welcome back to the blogger world! :)

  2. Thank you (:
    And wow, your follower numbers are just skyrocketing. :D