Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beauty is the Best

Belle contains all the qualities of a Disney princess: beauty, brains, kindness and generosity. However, what makes her so special?

As I mentioned earlier, I asked my lovely followers to submit their reasons to why they love their favorite Disney princesses. Belle was without a doubt the most popular! Here's why:

"My favorite Disney Princess is Belle ~ She was the first princess I knew of and she's always been an inspiration to me! I was always reading when I was young and the other kids always used to think I was a complete outsider in my own little world. Belle was my role model I suppose! I looked up to her, like she was my older sister. She taught me to dream and to not give into what people just expected me to do. She was confident, natural and caring- And I still never judge a book by its cover." -brunettenonsense

"Belle is my favorite Disney Princess. She was smart and independent. But even though she was smart as well as beautiful, she was still kind to everyone she came in contact with- you could tell she really cared about the well being of other people. And she fell in love with the Beast for his personality, not his looks. She's the kind of girl I'd want to be. Plus, she really likes the color blue- my favorite color :D and she's a huge book lover/nerd like me! ^^" -asseenthroughblueeyes

"Belle is my favorite, because she's one of the most rounded characters. She has faults, she is considered 'odd'. I feel she's easy to relate to." –who-was-the-glad-in-gladiator

"Belle is my favorite, because she kinda reminds me of ME a lot. A quiet small town girl with no friends, who loves to read and really just wants a new adventure. I don't have the bravery she possesses, and she is just SUCH a remarkable princess!!! I love her!!!" –disneygirlforever

"Belle is my favorite princess because, as I'm sure many others have said, you can relate to her. She doesn't fit in, which is a problem many of us have to deal with. So we lose ourselves in books, and dreams of something more. Belle GOT her something more, so its nice to know that its possible for us 'different' people. Belle also knows how to stand up for herself, and for those she loves, and I find that an admirable quality. :)" -damouseears

"Belle is also my favorite princess, I can relate with her so much. Wanting more out of life, being a dreamer, not caring what others think of her, and her kindness. She is awesome." -iamaf*ckingprincess

"I love Belle because she's ok with being herself even if the rest of the village thinks she's weird. She is clever, witty and kind of nerdy which makes her relatable because I would like to think that I am sort of similar. :)" -disneyisawonderland

"I have so many favorites, but I think I love Belle the most. She is headstrong, independant, selfless, kind, giving, and doesn't let anything people say affect who she is. I love her attitude as well!" -xox-miss--disney

"Belle’s my favorite because of her loyalty and honesty and kindness and curiosity. I love that she’s smart and reads and that she doesn’t go for the muscle guy! (at first.) I feel like I relate to her a lot. (:" -Caitlin Burton

"Belle. She loves reading. She can see past physical beauty to who the person is on the inside. She loves and supports her father’s quirkiness and sacrifices her life for him. She’s always looking for adventure and is kind to pretty much everyone. I think (tied with Ariel) she also has the most dresses out of any princess." –californiakenyan

"I love them all for different, but I relate to Belle the most. She is brunette for one! And she is unique and brave and loves her family, she isn’t just some dumb girl that will settle for Gaston, who doesn’t even see her for who she really is, or respect her and her family. I like how she fell for the beast so quickly and she saw past a less than desirable exterior. I mostly love Belle because of how she has a personality AND looks AND the kind typical Disney princess heart and charm. I just liked the beast more as a beast! He wasn’t so great when he changed to a prince." -Devin De Long

These are all incredible reasons to love Belle! I definitely am a fan as well. She has a sincere and kind heart, and her story definitely is one with an important life lesson: don't ever judge a book by its cover!

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