Thursday, April 10, 2014

DCP: All About Shoes

My lovely shoes for QSFB
Every cast member has a specific dress code to adhere to called the Disney Look. Under these requirements, hair must look natural and well groomed, nails painted a neutral color (or not at all if you work with food), and your costume for work must always be the right size and wrinkle-free. While Disney supplies your costumes for you, the one aspect of your costume that you might have to buy on your own is your shoes.

Some people preparing for the DCP may wonder what kind of shoes they will need to buy for their program, but unfortunately Disney does not tell you where you'll be working until the day of your check-in. The type of shoes you will need depend on your role and your location, since each costume can require different colors or kinds of shoes that match with what you're wearing.

Those participating in foods (quick-service and full-service) are provided with shoes within the first couple days of training. You will either receive black or white non-slip shoes, depending on your location and the costume. I'm going to warn you right now...the shoes that they give you are extremely uncomfortable. It took me about two weeks to even break them in...and after a couple months they were almost falling apart. If you can possibly find an affordable pair of non-slip black or white shoes on your own that are more comfortable, I highly recommend it. While I was able to survive those first few weeks of breaking them in...working eight hour shifts for five days each week made my feet throb almost every night. Make sure you also buy arch supports or Dr. Scholls to help make your shoes more comfortable...they basically saved my life during my program.

If you aren't participating in food and beverage during your program, you will need to buy your own pair of shoes for work. Most roles simply require black or white shoes (usually black). However some positions with heavy theming such as Jungle Cruise or Kilimanjaro Safaris require special shoes like hiking boots. You will receive specific information about what shoes you will need to buy within your first few days at Disney.

For Disneyland specifically, attractions requires all black shoes made with all of the same material. When you wear pants, you must have black socks. If you decide to wear shorts, you must have white socks. Some costumes for girls require panty-hose or tights, which you'll discover within your first few days of training and orientation.

Once again, if you're participating in the program and you're worried about shoes, don't stress! You'll receive all the information you need once you arrive. If you need to buy shoes (or choose to buy shoes instead of the ones they provide for foods), you can usually find some that you need at either WalMart, Payless, or Target. There's a outlet mall right around the corner from some of the apartments in Florida that you can visit as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


  1. My new shoes are great for work, but I've also spent hours walking around town in them without any complaints or discomfort. They are really comfortable and stable.

  2. My word I would have never imagined that the dress code for Disney would be so conservative. I think it is important for kids who are in school to get a visit from one of the team members. Some of the kids nowadays think they can dress any way they want to and it doesn't work like that in the workplace.

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  4. The name of the brand Disney provides?