DCP Questions

1) What is the DCP?
DCP stands for the Disney College Program. A full detailed description can be found here.

2) How do you apply?
There are three steps to the application process: 1) The general application, 2) the web based interview (WBI), and 3) the phone interview. Everyone passes the general application, and the web based interview is more like a personality test to get a general feel on what you're like and what you like in a job and such. The phone interview is much more personal and geared more towards your job/role preferences. You can see my video blog about the first two steps here, and the phone interview here, for more details.

3) Can we choose which role we get?
Not really, but you can say how much interest you have in each role (from none to high). However, keep in mind that even if you put low interest and your interviewer asks questions about your high interest roles, you can very well be placed in those low interest slots. This happened to me. If you REALLY don't want a role, put no interest. Also, you cannot switch roles once you get placed.

4) Can we request a location?
The best point in time to request a location is during your phone interview. Some people email casting to send in a request, but nothing can be set in stone. Even if you request the location, you very well might not get the location you asked for.

5) What's QSFB?
This is my role! QSFB stands for quick service food and beverage. This applies to most of the fast food and outdoor food cart locations in either the parks or the resorts. I will be posting a more detailed description about the role soon.

6) Does Disney provide housing?
Yes! Walt Disney World DCP provides four different complexes for housing, and Disneyland has a couple options as well. I will also be posting more information on the different complexes later. But for now, here is a brief description of housing from the official Disney page.

7) What about the educational opportunities?
Disney offers quite a few classes for their DCP cast members, and a full description of those options can be seen here.

"Sara Earns Her Ears"

(Info coming soon)

Personal General Disney Questions

1) Top three Disney movies…
1. The Lion King
2. Aladdin
3. The Incredibles
2) If you could date any Disney character, who would it be?
Aladdin or Flynn Rider
3) Which Disney character do you relate to the most?
Meg, Tiana and Belle meshed together haha.

4) Do you remember the first Disney movie you ever saw?
Oh goodness...I think it was Bambi.

5) Choose one Disney soundtrack you could continuously listen to on loop, which would it be?
The Lion King and Tarzan.

6) Hug, Marry and Banish from the Kingdom: select three characters and assign them to each!
  • Hug: Flounder
  • Marry: Aladdin
  • Banish from the Kingdom: Ursula
7) Any ideas for the next Disney film?
Incredibles 2.....duh.
8) Do you have a least favorite Disney film?
Usually the sequels that don't follow anything from the first movie.
Also, when I was little Ursula gave me nightmares so I never watched The Little Mermaid that often.

9) Favorite Disney Channel Movie?
I was a hard core High School Musical fan....I have to admit.

10) Best Disney Movie Kiss?
Beauty and the Beast

11) Have you ever been to WDW/DL?
Yep! WDW once, DL quite a few times since I'm from California.

12) Character you look the most like?
So many people say I should be Snow White if I work at Disney World. So either her or Belle.
13) Do you have any Disney merchandise?
Movies, clothes, books, all that good stuff.
14.) Which princess has the best outfit?
I love Tiana's face character's outfit. Though I like Rapunzel's and Merida's too.

15) Who is the best sidekick?
Mulan. Mushu is legit.

16) Which Disney pet would you have as your pet?

17) How many Disney movies do you own?
Goodness do you really want me to count?

18) When you hear someone say “Disney Sucks”, how do you respond?
I quietly plot their destruction.

19) What’s the last Disney movie you watched? And how long ago?
A Goofy Movie. I watched it last week because it was on Disney XD and I was sick...it kinda freaked me out.
20) Which Disney character would you choose as your best friend?
I feel like Violet (from The Incredibles) and I would get along. My spanish teacher said I remind her of her from The Incredibles. I took it as a huge compliment.

21) Which Disney characters would you have as your parents?
Woody and Bo Peep. Random...but that's what came to mind haha.

22) Which Disney songs do you know by heart?
Plenty. We also used to play the Tarzan soundtrack over and over again in the car.

23) Disney movie that is particularly special to you?
The Lion King, Aladdin, Incredibles..pretty much my favorites.
Beauty and the Beast because it reminds me of my mom.
24) Disney Kingdom/Land that you could live in forever?
Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom. Or Hollywood Studios. Pretty much anywhere.

25) Disney movie that makes you cry the most?
The Lion King is the only one that comes to mind right now.
Actually, I recently discovered that I always cry at the end of Meet the Robinsons because of the happy ending and the quote from Walt Disney. Idk why, but I find it special that they used a Disney quote as a huge part of that movie.

26) Disney movie that makes you laugh the most?
Finding Nemo
27) Favorite Disney Villian?

28) Ever dressed up like a Disney character?
I was almost Snow White for halloween last year...does that count?


  1. What a fun read! Totally agree on the Incredibles sequel! =)

  2. Perhaps inappropriate, but you WOULD make a hot Snow White.

    1. Haha it's all good thanks for the compliment :)

  3. Woody and Bo Peep would be awesome parents!

  4. Hey! I was wondering if you could make a "Packing List" of what you think would be good to take to Disney that people probably wouldn't think to take.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Hannah! I actually already have a post with my packing list, as well as a video of what I brought. They're both under my DCP Post list!