Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Disney College Program Vlogger Tag

My lovely friend Raisa came to visit the other weekend, and we filmed a few collab vlogs together! This one is all about our experience vlogging during the Disney College Program. Feel free to film your own video and comment below so we can see it and learn about your channel!


1. What is your vlog's name and why did you call it that?
2. Did you start vlogging before of after your college program?
3. What DCP vloggers inspired you to vlog?
4. How consistent were your uploads?
5. What type of camera/editing program do you use?
6. How long does it take for you to edit a video?
7. Do your family and friends enjoy being filmed?
8. What are some of your favorite videos?

We also filmed a video on Raisa's channel called The Disney College Program Tag! Make sure to check it out!

To see my other videos, as well as subscribe to my channel, head over to my Youtube Channel!

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