Saturday, June 2, 2012

Disney Wedding Veils

Remember when I mentioned there was more to the Alfred Angelo Disney Fairy Tale wedding collection than just the dresses I posted? Well, today I am here to show you the gorgeous veils that the designers created to complete the dress ensembles! Each princess has one veil unique to each personality. Enjoy!

(Each name will have a link to their original bridal dresses if you want to take a look and compare.)

Style 108

Designer Description: "The one tier, fingertip length Ariel-inspired veil features glitter net flowers with beaded organza and feather accents that softly sway and dance as if under the sea."

Style 103
Designer Description: "This one tier Belle-inspired shimmer veil features a beautifully beaded embroidered edge, paying tribute to Belle’s warm, yet sophisticated style."

Style 107
Designer Description: "This one tier, walking length Cinderella-inspired shimmer veil is adorned with beaded embroidery and a flounce edge, making this veil truly fit for a princess."

Style 101
Designer Description: "This one tier Princess Jasmine-inspired veil, available in two lengths, is finished with a beautifully beaded edge  – perfect for that magic carpet ride."

Style 102
Designer Description: "This one tier Snow White-inspired veil features beautifully beaded re-embroidered lace and scattered crystal beading, paying tribute to Snow White’s gentle grace and beauty."

Style 105
Designer Description: "This two tier, fingertip length Sleeping Beauty-inspired veil features organza flowers and a beaded metallic embroidered edge. Alluring and lovely, it’s as if this princess has just awoken."

Style 106
Designer Description: "This two tier, fingertip length Tiana-inspired veil features organza flowers and a beaded metallic embroidered edge. Both modern and nostalgic, a stylish choice for a magical transformation."

Style 104
Designer Description: "This two-tiered Rapunzel-inspired veil features embroidered lace and taffeta flowers, paying homage to nature and the world she expresses through her artistry."

These are all so beautiful I almost can't choose a favorite!! I definitely like Belle's, Cinderella's, Ariel's, Snow White's...gah they're all so gorgeous. I think it just depends on your personal style on which one you would choose for your big day :)

Which one is your favorite?

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