Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Disney Tune Tuesday 3: Tarzan Tribute

I apologize for posting this much later in the day than usual. I've been super busy with summer classes as usual...working on a presentation for my music class..at least it's about John Williams! (Extremely popular movie theme composer. Think Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter.)

In honor of a recent rumor about Phil Collins apparently "dying in a car accident" this morning (which ISN'T TRUE), I will be dedicating this Disney Tune Tuesday to his amazing songs from the Disney film Tarzan!

Tarzan: Strangers Like Me

You'll Be In My Heart

Son of Man

I absolutely adore this soundtrack. I remember listening to it in the car 24/7 when I was younger. Probably my favorite soundtrack for a Disney movie! (Next to Lion King, of course.)

Which is your favorite song from Tarzan or Disney soundtrack?

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