Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gave Me Chills, Then Made Me Cry

I don't know what it is...but this video on Youtube just brought me to tears it was so stunning. It captures the beauty and legacy that is Disney, in no other beautiful and amazing way I have seen before. It was so perfect, I needed to share it with you. It's only five minutes, but I swear to you it will be worth your while.

The Wonders of Disney Animation

"Disney has practically become family to us. It's fairy tales, it's magic, it's everything we enjoyed and thought was possible when we were younger, and as we grow older, there's a lot of other things to enjoy: the artistry, the creativity, the imagination. There's literally no other word for it but Disney. It's an artistic cultural phenomenon that will never ever leave."
- Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic)

This reminded me why I'm going through these summer classes (to have a semester at the DCP), why I spend time sharing with my followers why I love Disney and why it is so important in our world. This video just made me overflow with love and nostalgia, and hope for the future as possibly working for the company in the college program. 

Sorry for being so emotional, but it's 100% honest and 100% me.

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did :) 


  1. What a wonderful video!! My life is definitely better because of Walt Disney's work and legend. Best of luck to you in your dream of working for Disney! Follow your dreams!