Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monsters Go to College

Yesterday I went to see Brave with my family! It was really good! I'll write a review soon explaining my opinion and whatnot sometime soon but first I need to share with you the newest trailer for the latest Pixar project: Monsters University. I saw the preview on Youtube but it was also during the previews for Brave.

I have mixed feelings about this movie....but I bet it will still be great. I'm not too bitter about this prequel because it's been over ten years since the original.

Also, another preview before Brave was Finding Nemo 3D. God I love that movie. I came up with a new idea for everyone who wants a Finding Nemo 2: What if Pixar made a prequel, but focused on Dory's life? I know Ellen Degeneres is DYING to make a second one. She brings it up almost every week on her show. Dory is also probably my favorite Disney character ever. Just a thought ;)

What are your opinions?

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