Sunday, July 1, 2012

Disney Prom Dresses: Part 1


Earlier in the year I had a series about the Disney wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo. As I finished the collection with the veils and jewelry, I announced that Alfred Angelo not only does Disney weddings, but has a series full of Disney prom dresses! Today I will be starting our journey through this collection, by showing you three to four dresses a week from the beautiful collection. Enjoy!

(I will include the price range this time, since people have mentioned they would like more information about the pieces that I post.)

Part One

Style: 5000

Description: A gorgeous floor length with shimmer organza, rhinestones, crystal beading, sequins and metallic embroidery. 

Colors: White, Mango, Aqua Pearl, and Pink Lemonade

Sizes: 2-16

Price Range: Under $600

My Opinion: Personally, yellow isn't my favorite color, but I love how much this looks like Belle's dress, so you can see the Disney inspiration. I would love to see the pink lemonade color, as well as maybe a purple (even though they don't have that option). 

Style: 5001

Description: Floor length with metallic embroidery, taffeta, rhinestones, crystal beading and sequins. Has optional modesty piece and halter straps. 

Colors: White, Wild Berry, Honey Do, Orange Pop

Sizes: 2-16

Price Range: Under $700

My Opinion: I think this one is stunning. I'm curious to what Honey Do color would look like, but I'll assume a light green like the honeydew melon. I love the detailed bodice, and I do like this (I'm assuming) wild berry color.

Style: 5002

Description: Floor length made with net, rhinestones, crystal beading, sequins and metallic accents. Also has optional modesty piece and halter straps. 

Colors: Solar Yellow, Purple Rain, Electric Blue

Sizes: 2-16

Price Range: Under $500

My Opinion: Again I also see Belle's dress in this design, not just because it's yellow. The electric blue would probably be a stunning color, as well as the purple. Not sure if I really like that the net swoops and meets in the center area.

Style: 5003

Description: Floor length made with net, crystal beading, pearls, sequins and rhinestones. Also comes with optional modesty piece and halter straps.

Colors: Blue Angel, Green Glo, Pink Sorbet

Sizes: 2-16, 14W-22W (comes in plus sizes)

Price Range: Under $500

My Opinion: This is an adorable dress! Reminds me of Cinderella (of course). The design also reminds me of Cinderella's wedding dress from the designer's collection. I bet the other color options look just as cute and beautiful as the blue.

This concludes our first set of Disney prom dresses! What did you think? This makes me wish I was back in high school shopping for dresses...but then again it's probably better because there's no way I could afford something like this without feeling super guilty. They're fun to look at though! 

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  1. The first Belle dress would be PERFECT for Halloween!

  2. How fun are these!? I especially love the blue one at the bottom. Wish they were around when I was in high school!

    1. I agree! The blue is one of my favorites :) It would be so much fun to have one of them for prom!