Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Disney Tune Tuesday 7: Pirates

This has to be one of my top three favorite movie theme songs. I've been trying to learn it on the piano for like a year now but it's pretty difficult, but still super fun! I remember watching this section during World of Color and I got chills it was so amazing.


He's a Pirate
By Hans Zimmer

Piano Cover

(That's the exact version I'm currently learning on the piano)

What's your favorite movie theme song?

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  1. Love the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music and Hans Zimmer music in general. Definitely a Top 10 soundtracks, although my Top 3 are Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and The Lord of the Rings but The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Inception, and many more are all really close as my favorites.
    Have you heard the Piano Guys verison of the theme? Here is the link below.

    I Followed you on Twitter and "Liked" your Facebook page, my user name on there is "James Starslayer".


  2. Yeah those are amazing too! My favorite movie composer is definitely John Williams because Harry Potter music is definitely my top favorite. Plus the fact that he did Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Schindler's List, etc. And yes! I've heard that version before! Incredible.

    Thanks for following! I followed you back on Twitter :)