Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Confessions & Revenge of a Disney Employee

One day I was kind of browsing through Youtube and I decided to search Disney stuff. Usually I look up songs and whatnot, but the other day I just searched "Disney" to see what would come up.

The search brought me to some of the most entertaining and funny two Disney videos I've seen.

The thing is, they aren't about the movies or anything. They're about this ex cast member that used to work in Disney World's Hollywood Studios (I think back then it was still MGM).  The first video talks about his experiences in general as a cast member, and his love for free food (you'll understand once you watch the video). The second video shows the events that led up to his last days working as a cast member, which is equally as hilarious. (Vista Waaaaayyyy bahahaha.)


Confessions of a Disney Employee

Revenge of the Disney Employee

Ohh man. My brother and I quote the first one (QUICK!! I just stole this bread because I'm poor, and you're poor too!!) all the time. Our little town actually has a Vista Lane...which definitely made us laugh last time we drove by it.

Which video is your favorite? If you worked at Disney, have you had some crazy experiences like this ex cast member?

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