Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Confessions Friday: Day 14

Confession One:

I was always made fun of by people when I obsessed over Disney Channel obsession for general Disney actually sparked more so after my trip to Disneyland last year. I know what you mean, I've had people tell me "Disney is EVIL!!!" just to make me mad. It's annoying. However finding other people online that have the same obsession definitely makes me feel better about it :)

Confession Two:

I've never gotten autographs from characters...I always thought it'd be awkward since I'm older, and when I was little I was too scared to talk to them. Next time I go though, I'm def getting pix.

Confession Three:

That job would be AMAZING. 

Confession Four:

I LOVE the soundtrack to Pirates!! Been trying to learn "He's a Pirate" for a while on the piano now. So much fun!

Confession Five:

*cough*IronMan*cough* ;)

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  1. You got it. That first one is it.
    An air hug :)

    And what is this? Sara at the Disney Den has NEVER gotten an autograph from a character???!!! What is this world coming to!!!

    1. Yay!! Your hint definitely helped :)

      I KNOW!!! I've had pictures with them...I might have gotten an autograph from Mickey when I was super little...but I've moved houses quite a few times and I'm sure it was lost in the mix if it happened. :/ It's so sad!