Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Confessions Friday: Day 24

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a magical day! :)

Walt Disney Confessions Tumblr

Confession One:

“Sometimes the those face characters creep me out with all their makeup and smiles!! It’s just not normal and is very uncomfortable! I wonder how they feel to smile all the time even if someone is mean to them, they must have a lot of guts.”
I never really talk to the characters when I'm at the parks, but I gotta give it to them credit for staying in character so well.

Confession Two:

“Sometimes I feel like I have to hide my love of Disney. I feel like my roommates judge me when I choose to watch a Disney movie instead of getting drunk with them, so I make up some excuse about being tired or feeling sick. I’m always relieved when they’re gone.”
Liking Disney is kind of my label for most people haha. They know I'd rather stay at home and watch a Disney movie instead of go out and drink.

Confession Three:

“It makes me sad when I see blonde Rapunzel stuff outside of her movie. If she’s blonde, it means she’s still under the thumb of Gothel and not free to make decisions or be with Eugene or her real family. I wish she was brunette more often.”
Well..people don't know Rapunzel as the girl with short brown hair...just saying.

Confession Four

That's really an amazing story. I'm so happy to see Disney work in ways like these.

Confession Five:

“I find it sad that this generation of children will remember Disney mainly for Disney Channel, with shows like Shake It Up… I’d much rather remember Disney for it’s classics such as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.”
I feel like the new Disney Channel shows don't embody the Disney message at all. It's really a shame.

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