Friday, November 30, 2012

Disney Challenge Day 19: Favorite Pixar

50 Day Disney Challenge
Day Nineteen: Favorite Pixar Movie

I'm OBSESSED with The Incredibles!! I think it is SUCH an underrated movie and I just love it SO much!!! My friends kind of hate watching it with me because I'll just start reciting the entire movie without even realizing it. The characters are amazing and the story is just perfection. There's also the fact that I love superhero movies (Avengers, heck yes!). When I was younger I wanted to be Violet SO badly. Her powers were (and still are) my favorite and I could relate to how shy she was and then eventually grew out if it and became more confident. During this one field trip with my Spanish class we saw this Pixar exhibit, and there were clay models of the characters and my teacher told me that I reminded her of Violet, and it made me so happy. It frustrates me that they haven't even really thought about making a sequel to this. I've expressed my feelings about this earlier this year already, but I still hold firm! I think Disney really needs to recognize this movie more.

Okay, I think I've expressed my love enough for tonight ;)

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