Thursday, November 22, 2012

Disney Challenge Day 12: Favorite Love Song

50 Day Disney Challenge
Day Twelve: Your Favorite Love Song

The minute I heard this song while watching Enchanted, I fell in love. I downloaded it and listened to it on my iPod over and over again. I think it's just so incredibly beautiful, and even magical. The scene itself in the movie is also gorgeous, and I was really excited when the song was nominated for "Best Film Score" or something like that. I've also decided that I want this song to be my first dance song at my wedding. When I was watching World of Color in Disneyland a couple summers ago for the first time, this song came on during the sequence of heartfelt Disney scenes, and I started crying it was so beautiful. 

Okay, enough gushing over this beautiful love song. What's your favorite Disney love song?

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