Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Mickey!

Today is a very important day in Disney history! 

It's Mickey Mouse's 84th birthday!!!

To celebrate this monumental day, I decided to find some photos of Mickey throughout the years. Enjoy!

His very first film, Steamboat Willie!
His first color cartoon in 1935, "The Band Concert"
1947 with Donald and Goofy in "Fun and Fancy Free"
His big movie, Fantasia!
"Mickey's A Christmas Carol" aired in 1983!
"Runaway Brain" in 1995
1999, "Mickey Mouse Works" (with Donald and Goofy)
Mickey Mouse today!
He really has gone through an amazing transformation since the very first short film was released way back in 1928. He does have a 3D-like version of himself on Playhouse Disney, but I don't really care for that kind of Mickey. 2D version will always hold a soft spot in my heart!

Have a magical day!

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  1. Great retrospective of Mickey. Fortunately Walt decided not to name him Mortimer as originally planned, I just don't it would have caught on as well as Mickey. My favorite era would be the very early Mickey and the 80s.


  2. Heads-up: Steamboat Willie came out in 1928, if it was 1927, he'd be 85 ;)

    1. Woops, typo! My bad! Thanks for the heads up ;)