Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Disney Challenge Day 28: Favorite Quote

50 Day Disney Challenge
Day Twenty-Eight: Favorite Quote

When I first saw the movie Meet the Robinsons, I thought it was cute and didn't think too much of it. However, once the final scene with this quote popped up, my eyes welled up because I realized that a lot of the movie was based off of Walt's very own words. It's not even just the fact that it was a quote from Walt, but the real message behind it.

Disney is known for breaking boundaries and creating new and unexpected projects and creations, and this quote shows exactly how they do it. It's something I sometimes have to refer to when I'm having a bad day or I'm kind of in a slump with what I'm doing with my life. This quote teaches me to not dwell in the past. Don't look back and wish you could have changed things or done things differently, because there's nothing you can do about the past. However, you can change yourself right now to take control of your future. You can't mope about how things are different now and wish they were how they used to be, because you have an entire future just waiting for you to explore and conquer as your very own.

In other news, one more final to go and my community college days are done!! I'm pretty excited, because the next chapter in my life involves living in Florida and working in Disney World! Ahhh!

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