Monday, December 17, 2012

Disney Challenge Day 32: Scariest Ride

50 Day Disney Challenge
Day Thirty-Two: Scariest Ride

I don't think I've ever been more terrified on a ride when I rode Dinosaur. Ohhh my gosh. When I was younger I used to be scared of any kind of animatronics, or even costumed characters. I've grown out of those fears for the most part, but Dinosaur is still the most terrifying ride I've ever been on. The first time I rode it I closed my eyes and covered my ears pretty much the entire time. My family thought it was fun and decided to ride it a second time right after we first went ( This time, I kept my eyes open (for the most part) the entire time, but still covered my ears. Needless to say, those pictures they took on the ride definitely captured the most genuine looks of terror I've ever made on a ride at a theme park.

Just to give an example on how terrifying this ride is (in case you haven't been on it before), here's the full video of the ride in the front seat! (I watched this video before I went on the ride...and I was still scared out of my wits.)

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  1. I remember going on this ride when I was in my teens/late preteens, just on a whim, and I saw all the strollers parked outside so I figured that this ride wouldn't be a big deal since little kids were going on it. Boy was I wrong!!!! It's such a great ride, and like you I was REALLY scared my first time!!!! It still scares me a little bit when I go on, hahaha :)