Monday, March 19, 2012

Mean Disney Girls

Have you ever noticed some of the hilarious and random Youtube videos where people rearrange footage from Disney movies and make it into an entirely different music video or movie trailer? Well, I found this fake "Mean Girls" trailer that used clips from famous Disney princess movies like Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty. I personally found it pretty funny, and decided to share it with you. :)

Also, I found this on Tumblr. For reasons unknown...but I found it hilarious haha :)

In other news, I'm currently on Spring Break, trying to find some things to do. I'm trying to think of an idea of a weekly themed post about the background of theme park rides and roller coasters, but I'm not quite sure what to focus on in each post. There's so much information on them! Also, I'm trying to think of a catchy title for the posts...but nothing great is coming to mind.

Have any ideas? Let me know!

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