Thursday, March 29, 2012

Amazing A Cappella Disney Medleys

I've come across many amazing a capella Disney medleys on Youtube in the past. Here are some of the best!

This one makes me so happy! I just adore their performance. They have some amazing other performances and medleys as well as their Disney one:
Doo Wop Shop

Nick Pitera's "One Man Disney Movie" is definitely the most impressive one I've ever seen or heard. His range is incredible. You MUST watch this one if you haven't seen it before!

"One Man Disney Movie" -Nick Pitera

I saw this video not too long ago and whenever I need my Disney song fix I listen to it over and over :) This girl is amazing. She's only in high school! Her costumes and editing she did entirely on her own.

"One Woman A Capelle Disney Movie" -Heather Traska

If you have any amazing videos like these, feel free to share!

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