Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plot Twist

At literally the very last second I decided I'm going to go to a face character audition for CPs tomorrow.

I'm technically an inch too tall for the requirement, but I've slouched most of my life and aggravated my chiropractor dad for never standing up straight so that's gotta help me out somehow in that department.

After the auditions (if/when I don't get picked), I'll be heading straight towards Hollywood Studios for my birthday brunch at 50s Prime Time Cafe! I've never eaten there before so I'm excited!

Sorry I haven't been posting much about work lately. I know it's what you guys want to hear about but I literally just had my first day off today after working nine straight days in a row. Today was my first day off and I wasn't home all day because my grandparents came and visited me for the day, so we went to some of the parks (even though it was raining the whole time).

It's officially been a little over a month being here, and I can tell you I am seriously in love with my life. I finally don't feel like I need to be somewhere else. I don't feel like something more important is waiting for me. I'm finally where I want to be and it just makes me so happy!

I'll definitely let you guys know more about these past nine days of working, because they were certainly eventful. I'll also vlog about my birthday tomorrow because it's time for a new Sara Squared vlog! :)

Until then, see you around!

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  1. Happy birthday! I'm glad you're having such a great time :)