Friday, February 22, 2013

Vlogger Party at Magic Kingdom!

A few weeks ago, I met up with a few other fellow video bloggers at Magic Kingdom to hang out after watching Wishes! We went on Space Mountain, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, and just hung out and walked around enjoying the amazing-ness that is Disney.

My phone was about to die, so I couldn't film anything that day. Luckily my friend Mitch (from Mitch and Trey's Disney Days) had his phone and was filming this lovely adventure. He finally edited the video and uploaded it, so now all of you can see what we did!


The three vloggers besides myself in this video:

Mitch: "Mitch and Trey's Disney Days"
Ri: "Walt Disney World College Program"
Ryan: "Ryan O's Disney Show"

Like what Ryan said in this video...vlogging is actually really hard to keep up with once you're down here and completely involved with working and enjoying your time off. However, I do have a vlog planned to share with you guys at some point hopefully soon. The other Sara has been sick pretty much this whole month so it's been hard to get a day where she's been well enough to vlog AND that we both aren't working.

Besides that, working at the Grand Floridian is actually really cool! I might even like it more than the Poly...buuut tomorrow is my last day at the Grand and then I'm back at Captain Cook's! I'll give you a full report about life at Gasparilla Grill some point soon!

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  1. Random, but Mitch sounds like Hal/Tighten from Megamind. Not an insult or anything, it just made me smile, that's all. MMM is always quoting that movie to me especially "You make me laugh." Anyway, great video!