Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Patterson Apartment

I'm currently waiting to leave for our housing meeting at the Commons, so I decided to show you guys some pictures of our new apartment!

As I stated earlier, my roommates and I ended up being placed in a three bedroom apartment in Patterson Court. It was our second choice because the bus stop is a little bit of a walk away, but honestly I couldn't be happier here! Patterson is so beautiful, and the inside is really nice. Our location is pretty much perfect. It's near the front corner kind of close to security, about ten steps from laundry, right next to the pool and clubhouse (which includes the gym) and the dumpster is just around the corner. Also, some of my friends I made on Facebook live on the floor below us! So awesome!

Front view of our apartment!
Patterson is actually the same exact price for rent as Chatham. Personally I think the only con about Patterson is the fact that we don't have a bus stop. But honestly the walk to the Chatham bus stop is like 4 minutes. You get used to leaving just a tiny bit earlier to make it on time. The only other negative about Patterson (that can only apply to some people) is that I registered for classes and the classrooms are in Chatham...pretty much on the other side of the world compared to where I actually live now. It's okay, I'll get used to it and they don't last very long.

My bed (left) and Sara's (right)! :)
By the way, if you can bring a car or if you can find a roommate/friend that has one, do it. The first couple days when you have to do grocery shopping and get every day supplies at Walmart or Target, it will be AMAZING to have someone with a car. I couldn't imagine having to take everything on the bus afterwards. So thankful one of my roommates has a car!

WALK IN closet!!!
I've read in some blogs and comments from past CPs and some of them complain about the rooms being too small, the closet being tiny...blah blah blah. Honestly at Patterson, everything is really nice and a very reasonable size compared to some college dorms I've seen. It's even bigger and nicer than most apartments from where I'm from! The closet is MUCH bigger than I thought it would be, thank goodness.

I haven't taken any pictures of the living room and kitchen, but if you want to see them click here for the living room and here for the kitchen (photos from other websites, so they're a little different from my apartment). My living room and kitchen actually look bigger than the ones shown in those photos.

So that's where I live! If you have any questions about the apartments, feel free to ask!

My roommates and I went to Traditions yesterday, so we finally have our passes to the parks! Going to Hollywood Studios today (my favorite)!!!!


  1. That looks like a great apartment!

  2. I hope we're living close to each other!! :)

    1. I hope so too!! :) Are you aiming for Patterson?

  3. Hi Sara, How many bathrooms does a 3 bedroom at Patterson have? Also do you have a pantry in the kitchen or do you have to fit everything in the cabinets?

    1. 3 bedroom in Patterson has 3 bathrooms. Yes, we do have a pantry. If you watch the apartment tour video blog in a later post, it shows more details about our place.

  4. So, by the looks of it you need to bring your own bedding??

  5. Hi Sara, your apartment looks pretty amazing! Those bedsheets are to die for, I'm pretty sure I'm going to need several of them myself, and soon! Hahaha!