Saturday, January 5, 2013

Disney Challenge Day 48: Favorite Disney Singer

50 Day Disney Challenge
Day Forty-Eight: Your Favorite Disney Singer

Demi Lovato is my all time favorite singer, period. I've always loved her, ever since she made her debut on Disney Channel's Camp Rock. I actually only wanted to watch that movie because the Jonas Brothers were in it...but I fell in love with Demi's voice in the process. Her music has helped me through so much. If I have a bad day or I'm going through one of those nights where I felt pretty hopeless...I'd turn on her music and it'd just make me feel so much better. A lot of people relate to Taylor Swift's music and lyrics, but honestly Demi's music has connected with me more than any artist.

She's an amazing role model for young women, and I have so much respect and admiration for her for when she decided to take control of her eating disorder and be so open about it to the public so other young women can feel like they can get help, just like her. It's okay to be imperfect, and you'll be stronger in the end.

I was privileged enough to win tickets to see her in concert over the summer and not gonna lie...I cried I was so happy. It was such a surreal experience to see the artist behind all of the music that had helped me through my rough patches...I never thought it would actually happen. She sounds AMAZING live, without any autotune or music to cover her voice (which is a huge reason why I love her). It's been amazing seeing her career grow so much in the past couple years.

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