Thursday, January 3, 2013

Late Night Update!

I leave for the DCP in officially four days....yup. You could say I'm freaking out.

Lately I've been having a horrible time sleeping, and I think some of it might have to do with me being nervous to leave, and excited at the same time. I've definitely had nights where I was extremely sad thinking about having to say goodbye to my family and friends, but I do realize that the day I drive to the airport and get on the plane with Sara is definitely going to come, and it's going to arrive FAST.

My mom and I were able to search through our closets and find a few business outfits I can use for traditions and my classes, which was good. I only had to buy a new pair of slacks because I only had one pair that actually fit me. Having a bunch of scholarship interviews in high school and working in a doctor's office for three years definitely helped with the business clothes! I'll probably just buy a couple more shirts once I get there when it gets a lot warmer. Lord knows that humidity will pretty much ruin a lot of my button up shirts with sweat (ew!).

I started packing a little more today, but not really much. I was planning on making today a designated packing day for all my clothes that I don't currently need to wear..but having a brand new iPhone leads to a lot of distractions.... I feel like the best way for me to pack is to just add clothes in small groups each day. They're kind of just lying in an organized mess near my bed, that way I don't have to dig into my suitcase and check to make sure I have everything. I've debated on getting space bags, but honestly I feel like I'm a pretty light packer and I can just buy things at Walmart once I get there. I don't own anything that can fit a twin size mattress anyway, and the bedding would be what takes up the most room.

This week I've just been hanging out with my friends, family, and pets (hehe) as much as I can since this is the last time I'll see most of them for five months. My best friend Holly and I have finally decided she's going to be visiting me during my birthday in February (yay for being born on a national holiday!), and my parents are coming down on my brother's birthday in April. It's nice to know when exactly they're going to be visiting me!

That's about all that's been going on lately...tomorrow I'm having lunch with a friend I haven't seen in half a year and then Friday Sara and I are having our going away party at my house (I hope I don't cry!). I'm probably going to have my last dinner with my friends at In N Out, because Florida doesn't have it and I'm really going to miss it!

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  1. Aw, I'm sure it'll be a little scary at first, but I'm sure it'll all be worth!!!! It sounds like such an amazing opportunity! :D