Monday, May 7, 2012

Disney Rumors: Third Park in Anaheim?

So I was working on my Human Evolution presentation and got distracted for a little bit (naturally..) and decided to take a look at my Today in History: Disney book I bought in Middle School while I wrote my huge report on Disney's life. When I came to today (May 7th), it said that this day in 2001 the Walt Disney Company applied for approval of a third park to the Disneyland and California Adventure complex. However, this is about as far as the information really tells us.

No details were released, but it says the opening was supposed to be in 2010 (with rumors that it would be pushed back). Obviously, there has not been any type of new production for an entirely new park to add to Disneyland and California Adventure. The new park is said to cover 78 acres, in comparison to the 55-acre Disneyland and 75-acre California Adventure. My question is....what happened to these plans?

I did more research online and all I could find was more information about the predicted release date, and that rumors are swirling about the new park becoming a water park like Walt Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon or and amusement park based on Tokyo DisneySeas. The land Disney purchased for this additional park was from an old strawberry field that had been passed down generations for ages. (They must have gotten one hefty sum of money from Disney, that's for sure!)

The problem's already 2012. The only construction that's been done is for the new Cars Land and the small additional extension with Goofy's Sky School and a few new restaurants that replaced a few older carnival rides in California Adventure that weren't attracting as many customers. It was also rumored that this expansion of a new park would also be included with a gigantic parking complex to help traffic and such.

....What happened??

If you have any ideas or news, please comment and let me know!

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  1. Sorry If This Is A Little Late!
    My Cousin Is Part Of WDI. And Trust Me There Always Thinking Of New Ideas, But Before They Build A 3rd Park They Might Want To See If Disneyland Is Okay First, Tomorrowland Was Suppose To Get An Update For Years Now, Still Don't Know If That Is Happening!
    If They Bring A 3rd Theme Park In It Will Be Original, So Get Disney Sea Out Of Your Mind. Some Think It Will Be A Marvel Park, I Really Hope Not, Other's Believe It Will Be Night Kingdom. We Will Have To See, Maybe For Disneyland's 75th Birthday, Although I'm Pretty Sure WDW Will Get A 5th Theme Park Before Disneyland Get's Its Third!

    1. Thanks for the info Tyler! Those are some exciting ideas! I think they were kind of giving Tomorrowland a face life last time I was there in February, but I'm sure they have some other things up their sleeve. I would adore a Marvel land, but I feel like that'd be kind of taking away from Universal Studios. A night park sounds interesting! That'd be different :) Wow a 5th theme park? Sounds awesome!! WDW definitely has more space to expand in comparison to DL lol so I believe it!

  2. hey Sara,

    I remember reading not too long ago that a third park is a possibility but that they are not thinking of building a new park in the near future until they make sure California Adventure stands on its own. They have spent over a billion just with the DCA makeover.

    1. I heard some similar news that they want to finish the California Adventure makeover before moving onto anything else that they have planned. My main question is where on earth are they going to put the third park? The area around Disneyland is packed already with hotels and restaurants surrounding the'd be interesting to see what they decide.

    2. Disney owns the land of the former strawberry field (google "disneyland strawberry farm"). They are using it for employee parking. The land is 53 acres.

      They can also re-build from the ground up by tearing the old Disneyland hotel, old Disney offices and maybe even Downtown Disney to accommodate a new park.

      I also bet that they can purchase the GardenWalk, an under-performing shopping complex that is in terrible need of customers. The complex is 19 acres and has been on sale. It is only 1,500 feet away from the resort!

  3. The website was - go on the Wayback Machine and you'll find all the details they put out