Saturday, May 26, 2012

Disney Fairy Tale Wedding: Rapunzel

Week Eight Wedding Dress: Rapunzel

It's the final Disney fairy tale wedding dress from Alfred Angelo! The conclusion to this series of gorgeous and breathtaking dresses ends with the amazing and free-spirited Rapunzel.

Since Rapunzel is a relatively new princess, her first dress comes from the second collection of the Disney bridal gowns, while the second dress comes from a special edition group that includes Cinderella.

Collection Two

Alfred Angelo's "Rapunzel"

Designer Description: "Romantic, artful and confident defines this Rapunzel inspired gown. Subtle draped taffeta reminiscent of the twists and turns of her long braided hair play up the dreamy form fitting silhouette. A delicate floral sash with pearls, sequins, and crystals pays homage nature and the world she expresses through her artistry."

Style 214
My Opinion: I think this dress has a very simple elegance and beauty. It's one of my personal favorites because it isn't as flashy and out there like some of the previous dresses. I love the sparkly waist band and the fitted body before it drapes loosely to the ground. I love it! I'd wear it for my own wedding!

Special Edition

Designer Description: "Showcased at Kensington Palace in London for Rapunzel's Royal Celebration, this Special Edition gown reflects Rapunzel's unique, artistic, upbeat and confident personality. The gown features a one shoulder dropped waist and pleated bodice. Delicate three-dimensional satin petals and light catching sequins and crystals dance and float like the lanterns that carried her dreams."

Style 208

My Opinion: This isn't one of my favorites. I think it would look better in person. I like how it's unique and different and that the designer was inspired by the lanterns in the movie. I almost feel like it'd be better without the one shoulder strap...mainly because I think they look kind of like feathers. Still pretty, just not my first pick.

Disney Maiden/Bridesmaid

Style 502

Flower Girl/"Blossom"

Style 708

This concludes the Alfred Angelo Disney fairy tale wedding dress series! However, I have a little surprise...I recently discovered there are also amazing veils and jewelry that go with each princess and their dresses! I will share them with you soon!

Also, Alfred Angelo has a section of Disney prom dresses that are absolutely breathtaking. They don't have designated princesses that match with each dress, so I will be sorting them into different colors for each post (since putting them all in one post would be overwhelming). 

I hope you enjoyed the dresses! Which set was your favorite? I don't know if I could decide...I'm thinking maybe Cinderella, Aurora, or Rapunzel. 

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