Saturday, January 14, 2012

Everything About "Cars Land!"

For quite some time now there has been news about the latest attraction area in Disney's California Adventure: Cars Land. At first when I heard they were going to make a "Cars" attraction, I thought, "Oh gosh...another thing for Cars...this better be good." However, after going to California Adventure this past summer with my best friend, we were able to get an amazing view of the park being made. Of course, Disney has exceeded any of my expectations.

Cars Land is huge! We were in awe on the amazing mountains/canyons being constructed, the giant cones for the Cozy Cone Motel, etc. It's going to be a real life version of Radiator Springs.

Personally, I thought it was just going to be a ride or two with a Cars theme. But I never thought they would actually build the entire town (as seen here). Cars Land is a whopping 12 acres in total, the largest section in the Disneyland resort! There are three different unique attractions, three dining areas, and two shopping locations for merchandise and souvenirs.


Luigi's Flying Tires: I've seen a couple videos about test runs of this ride, and it looks like a modern Disney twist on your traditional bumper cars. First instead of cars, guests will be riding in giant tires. Second, the tires will be flying. Yes. Literally flying. Air comes up from the floor and guests will be able to glide across, shifting direction with their body weight and bumping into other fellow riders. John Lasseter was able to give it a test run, as shown here.

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree: How could they have a Cars section without a ride dedicated to the hilarious Mater? Mater's Junkyard Jamboree will have guests ride in mini trailers behind baby tractors. These tractors will be kind of "square-dancing" around to Mater's voice singing from a junkyard jukebox. When the tractors switch directions, guests are whipped around, narrowly missing the trailer next to them. A test run of the ride can be seen here, but I personally hope the ride will be sped up a bit than shown in the video. Otherwise, this seems like a ride for small children or individuals who enjoy low key rides (unlike myself).

Radiator Springs Racers: Personally, I'm looking forward to this ride the most. Much like EPCOT's Test Track ride in Disney World, this 6-acre ride is a fast pace race through the canyons of Radiator Springs mixed with a storyline. At the end two cars race to the finish line to see who can win the Piston Cup. For a small example of how the attraction is designed, you can see a video here.


Ramone's House of Body Art
Radiator Springs Curios


Cozy Cone Motel: When I last went and saw a view of the park, I was able to distinctly point out the cones for this dining area, looking a lot like this at the time.

Flo's V8 Cafe: In construction looks like this, and the end result will resemble this.

Fillmore's Taste In: I couldn't find any photos of this building in construction, but it will look like this in the end.

With all of these interesting and unique attractions Disney has in store for its dedicated guests, Cars Land will definitely be a hit. In summer of 2012, visitors will finally be able to experience this incredible world. I can't wait to see it!

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