Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Animation Hotel in Florida!

When I was browsing along one of the theme park update websites like I usually do in my free time (I'm cool...I know), I discovered that Disney World is going to have a new hotel in Florida! Of course not just any hotel...but an animation themed hotel!! The first picture I saw I was thinking, "Ehh..." but then, considering it's still under construction, I saw more photos and it looks amazing!! Wish I was able to stay somewhere like that last time I visited Disney World. (Though the resort we did stay at was fantastic, don't get me wrong.) It will be called the "Art of Animation Resort" and will be opening in May 2012. Check it out!

Finding Nemo pool

Finding Nemo Courtyard
One side of the Art of Animation Resort with mural of EAC from "Finding Nemo"
Mr. Ray along the side of the Finding Nemo building
What a Finding Nemo Hotel without seagulls?

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