Thursday, August 27, 2015

D23 Look: Baymax DisneyBound

My Baymax DisneyBound at D23!
For the first day of D23 Expo, I put together one of my all time favorite DisneyBounds. If you're not familiar with DisneyBounding, the concept is to put together clothes in a similar color scheme as some of your favorite Disney characters. It's a fun and creative way to dress similarly to these characters, but in a more modern and every day look that you can wear to the parks, school, or wherever you please!

I personally love DisneyBounding. My first ever look I put together was Snow White for Halloween a few years ago. I was immediately hooked.

Since then I've "bounded" as a handful of characters, such as Flynn Rider from Tangled and Megara from Hercules. One of my all time favorite outfits I pulled together was actually Baymax from one of my all time favorite movies: Big Hero 6.

I originally put together this DisneyBound for Wondercon back in April, but I loved it so much I thought it'd be perfect to revive it for D23. It's a very simple outfit, and rather easy to put together.

DisneyBounding at Wondercon!

Baymax Disneybound:
  • Earrings (Top Left): These were actually a birthday gift from a friend, but she found them on an adorable Etsy shop called The Little Surprises. She has more adorable handmade crafts and jewelry available on her website!
  • Baymax Bow (Bottom Left): This is one of my absolute favorite Disney bows. I found it on an etsy shop called Extra Sweet Bowtique! She has a fantastic amount of diverse Disney bows, some even non-Disney themed!
  • White Dress: I found this dress at Forever 21 earlier this year, just a few days before Wondercon. The fabric is actually perfect, which looks similar to the kind of "huggable" material that makes Baymax! I actually ran into the talented cosplayer, Cassie Wanda, who thought the dress could make a great Baymax before she even realized that was the character I was DisneyBounding!
  • Red Shoes: I wore red shoes for a couple of reasons. First, I already had these from a previous cosplay as Clara Oswald from Doctor Who on Galliday in Disneyland. Also, instead of finding new white shoes and risk them getting dirty, I thought the red feet could represent Baymax's charging station (as seen in the picture at the top). I found these Vans-like shoes at Ross!
  • Sunglasses: To put together a finishing Baymax touch, I was able to find some thick, round sunglasses from a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. If you don't live in Southern California, it'd be really easy to find similar round/circular sunglasses from anywhere, especially Forever 21!
  • Baymax Purse/Bucket: Each time I've worn this DisneyBound, I've had a different kind of Baymax bag. The first time (pictured in the collage), I carried around a Baymax popcorn bucket from the Big Hero 6 pre-screening at the El Capitan. The bucket was filled with lollipops, which I gave out to anyone who wanted one! Right before D23, a friend of mine (Sasaki Time) found an adorable Baymax purse at a merchandise cart in the local mall! He immediately sent me a photo and I HAD to have it to use it at the expo (shown in the first picture). I love it so much!
That's everything I use for a Baymax inspired DisneyBound! My friend dressed up as Hiro and let me borrow an adorable stuffed Baymax to carry around with me during both Wondercon and D23. 

If you have any questions about this DisneyBound, DisneyBounding in general, or D23, leave a comment below!

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