Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Galliday in Disneyland (Doctor Who Day)

Last Sunday, September 21st, Whovians from all over the area came together and participated in Galliday 1.5 - The Next Regeneration (aka Doctor Who Day) in Disneyland. This is similar to Dapper Day, as an unofficial "holiday" in the parks completely organized through social media. Throughout the entire day there were meet-ups, group photos, and even picture challenges from Galliday's official website.

Almost everywhere you went, you could spot someone dressed as a character from Doctor Who, or even just a fan wearing a Doctor Who shirt. I cosplayed as Clara Oswald (or Oswin Oswald, to be specific), from the latest two seasons of the show, while some of my friends dressed as Ten, Eleven, Rose, and The Moment.

It was honestly one of my absolute favorite days in the parks. We spent most of the day meeting characters and visiting friends. Some guests even asked to take pictures with us! It was so great to see such a supportive and connected community (of nerds) come together in one place to just have fun and enjoy a day dedicated to one of our favorite shows.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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