Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Disney Parks Tag! (Vlog)

I found this tag a little while ago and decided it'd be fun to share some of my favorite things about Disney California Adventure!

1. Pick a park. Answer all following questions about that park.
2. How many times have you been to the park?
3. What's your favorite land? Why?
4. What's your favorite ride? Why?
5. What's your favorite show? (Oops didn't do this one, but it's World of Color)
6. Show us all your pins/buttons/merchandise.
7. What your favorite thing to eat at the park?
8. What's one thing you wish you could experience at the park, but have never gotten to?
9. If you were a cast member, who would you wanna be?
10. Share your favorite story from being in the park.
11. Tag someone!

I tagged: Steven, Raisa, Sidonie, and Molly!

If you'd like to do this tag, go for it, and let me know! I'd love to hear your answers!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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