Sunday, June 8, 2014

Two Haunting "Dream" Covers

Two of my favorite Youtube artists covered the same song for the most recent Disney movie, Maleficent. Some of you might have heard Lana Del Rey's version of the classic "Once Upon a Dream," which even though I'm not a huge fan of Del Rey, I do enjoy her twist on the song. (If you haven't heard her version, listen to it here.)

Sidonie Smith and Traci Hines both created their own covers for this song, in two very different ways. Sidonie used her talent on the viola while Traci focused more on her voice. However, both versions are beautiful and definitely worth watching.

Sidonie Smith:

This is definitely one of my favorite videos from Sidonie. I love how she made it different with the viola, and I'm always blown away by her makeup and costumes in her videos.

Traci Hines:

I love how Traci added a little of her as Aurora, showing both the dark and light side of this song. Traci is just so ridiculously talented I can never get over it.

What do you think of these covers? How do you like the new versions of "Once Upon a Dream"?

Make sure to check out Sidonie and Traci's Youtube channels for more amazing covers and music!

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