Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Disney Class: Exploring Marketing

During the Disney College Program, you have an option to take classes on the side for around eight weeks. Disney offers collegiate classes, seminars, and professional sequences. I took a seminar all about Disney's marketing, and even though I had to get up super early and walk to Chatham every Wednesday, I thought it was completely worthwhile and gave me a really good insight of what Disney does with their marketing team in many different areas of their company.

We learned about how Disney does branding, as well as how they market special events, the Disney Cruise Line, the Vacation Club, and much more. My favorite week was probably when we learned about branding, I found it really interesting because I had never really heard much about how someone does business in that area of marketing before. It was really nice taking this class because I had never taken any marketing classes in school before (even though I'm a marketing major), so it gave a really good look at the real world and how they manage their business. 

The Exploration Series is also a really good way to network with possible important people in your future career with Disney. Each week someone came in the classroom to talk about where they worked and what they did, and after the class you had the opportunity to walk up and talk to the speakers one on one for a short bit. They all gave my students their contact information (email, Twitter, etc.) in case they were interested in connecting outside of the classroom and having a one on one meeting session. Networking like this can be extremely beneficial if you want a career with Disney.

The video above generally explains about the class from some of the students' perspectives, and you can actually see me in the blue shirt asking a question for a split second at around 1:45! ;)

If you have any more questions about the class or classes in general, feel free to ask!

Also, if you'd like to check out the official DCP Youtube channel for more information about different classes and roles, you can see it right here!

Otherwise, I hope you have a magical day!

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