Friday, June 28, 2013

My Disney College Program Review

Just a little review of what I thought the DCP was overall like, how it affected me, and what my plans are for the future! Enjoy!

If you guys have any suggestions for future vlogs or blog posts, please let me know!

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Have a magical day!

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  1. you could do movie reviews

  2. were you and sara more distant after the program? do you think you will grow more distant soon, now that you are moving away from each other :(

    1. Oh goodness no! We're closer than ever after the program. Sure, some distance might be created after moving to separate states, but we'll always be basically sisters and I love her to death :)

  3. aw glad to hear sara! I wish you were down here and I could meet you still! Today, I was at epcot and do you know the performers at the french pavillion? The people with the bottles and crates? I had a super cute interaction with them, i kind of had a crush on one of them! lol it was my favorite character interaction