Saturday, April 20, 2013

Water Park Fun!

Last week before my family arrived, I was finally able to cross off more of my bucket list: Go to both Disney water parks! Last Monday I went to Blizzard Beach with my roommates Liz and Sara. It was pretty fun! I honestly had no idea what to expect because I knew basically nothing about the park besides Summit Plummit. (No, I didn't go down Summit...didn't really feel like it at the time.) We went on a few random slides and then floated along the lazy river for a while. Afterwards we went on a few more slides (so many STAIRS!) and then decided to end the day in the wave pool, which is surprisingly shallow and pretty mellow. We were all getting really hungry so we decided to go to Steak 'n' Shake for lunch, which was REALLY good!

Me, Liz, and Sara at Blizzard Beach!
Then on Wednesday after I had my Exploring Marketing class in the early morning, I went to Typhoon Lagoon with my friend Jake. A lot of people had been telling me that Typhoon is kind of boring and Blizzard is better...but I have to disagree. I definitely like Typhoon more!

Blizzard may have some more slides, but Typhoon is just more authentically put together in my opinion. The wave pool beats everything, hands down. I've never really considered myself someone who would like wave pools, but this one is just too much fun! Typhoon's wave pool gets really deep, and the waves are HUGE! If you didn't know already, Typhoon's waves can get large enough to actually have surfing lessons inside their wave pool. (That's something I wanted to do before coming here, but honestly it's too expensive and I don't really have the time anymore haha.) What Jake and I originally did was swim out as far as we were allowed to in the deep end, and waited for the huge waves emerge so we can swim with them, instead of getting hit by the waves near the shallow end. I've never really experimented with waves like I did that day before, so it was a fun and new thing to try!

After the waves we went on Crushin' Gusher. It's pretty cool! The banana slide is the best..which is funny because I hate bananas. We also swam with the sharks and fish in the shark reef. Warning: the water is cold!! Also, I'm actually kind of scared of fish, but honestly it's a pretty chill swim. You just kind of float at the top and steadily swim across the little pool area and watch the fish and sharks and whatnot below you swim around while you breathe through a snorkel. These two giant silver fish with large square heads kind of crept around and swam a little too close to my liking at one point..but otherwise it was pretty neat!

Jake and me with Lagoona Gator!
We ended the evening tanning and goofing off in the wave pool again. We grabbed lunch in the park and I actually met someone who's from Northern California! She actually went to the college I live near! Completely small world!

Overall, the water parks are a cool way to try something different other than just going to the four main parks on your days off. If you ever do the DCP, I'd definitely take advantage of the free admission Disney allows for a short period of time! I got lucky and they extended the free admission throughout my entire program, but over the summer that's going away! Definitely take a trip to Typhoon and Blizzard if you have the time.

Oh! Right after Typhoon Jake took me to Art of Animation, where I got to see my parents!!! My family got to come and visit for four days! It was so awesome! I'll definitely have to share with you guys about it and show you some pictures. We're quite the photogenic family on the rides! ;)


  1. Haha can't wait to see family photos!
    So, is Jake JUST a friend? ;)