Friday, April 5, 2013

Apartment Inspections

One part of the DCP living experience is inspection. Inspection is when the housing staff sends a couple employees to check out your apartment and make sure that you're keeping it clean, as well as not hiding any items not allowed in the apartments (candles, drugs, alcohol if underage). You can either pass, fail, or earn the "white glove" award. If you pass, nothing really happens and you just move on with your program. If you fail, you have to pay a fee and (I believe) the housing team sends in a cleaning squad to deep clean your apartments for you. You can earn the white glove award if your apartment is 110% spotless. You get cookies and treats for everyone!

At first my roommates and I didn't really think too much about inspection, so our first round we just made sure the house was as clean as we could make it at the time without freaking out about it. A lot of us had work the day before so we didn't have too much time at home to make sure the place was spotless. We were just aiming to pass, which we did. Only one of our rooms failed because to them it looked like we hadn't vacuumed the floor, but we did. They also failed our dining room which made literally no sense because there was NOTHING in there besides the table and chairs and everything was spotless.

The second time around, this week, we were SUPER dedicated to getting that white glove award. We cleaned absolutely EVERYTHING! I've never seen the apartment so clean! Most of me and my roommates dedicated pretty much the entire day just to cleaning our apartment. I was so proud of our work! The next day comes and I'm at Animal Kingdom with Sara and my friend Jake and Sara gets a text about how inspection went while we were away. Apparently, we passed absolutely everything! However...we still didn't get the white glove award! We were furious! How could we pass absolutely everything and not get it? The inspection people even told us we were perfect and had no criticism whatsoever. I have no idea what we could've done differently to try and win that award.

I honestly wish I could give you guys advice on how to get the white glove, but as you can see I don't even know! I know plenty of my friends that live in other apartments that have earned it, but for some reason the inspection team just doesn't want to give it to apartment 5207! :P

My advice to pass your inspections though, are to simply make sure you apartment is clean. Vacuum all the floors, clean all the appliances and counters, wash mirrors, toilets, bathtubs, etc. Also make sure your garbage has nothing in it, not even trash bags. Do all of these things and you'll definitely pass!

Also, only a little less than two months of my program left! Everything is just flying by! Half of my roommates have applied to extend, and one applied to leave early because her summer school starts during our program. So basically Sara and I are the only ones in our apartment that are going to be leaving on the originally scheduled departure date. I considered extending, but I'm officially going to be transferring schools in August down in Southern California, so I want to spend summer with my family and friends back home before I make a big move again. Plus, I would've wanted a role change. Working at Cook's is fine, but I'd want to experience something different for the next few months if offered the opportunity.

My family is coming next week! I'm so excited! We'll be staying in Art of Animation in the Lion King suites!

One final note: This morning I submitted my application to be a DCP campus representative for my school! I really really want this job. If I'm accepted I'll be part of the team at my school that helps promote and answer questions about the Disney College Program to other students on campus! I was told that this job is perfect for my major (marketing), so fingers crossed! I'll keep you posted!


  1. Are you sure you get free rent for a week. I got the White Glove when I was there in June 2011 and we got a box of chocolates. I don't think we had free rent.

    Also Good Luck with your campus rep application!

    1. I apologize, I was wrong. There was a misunderstanding. You're right we don't get free rent (bummer!).

      Thank you!

  2. You can't keep trash bags in the garbage can? O: