Friday, March 15, 2013

Deployment! (Part Two: Art of Animation)

When I found out I was being deployed to Art of Animation...I had mixed feelings. It was a completely different kind of resort compared to the Poly and the Floridian. Since it's a value resort (the other two are deluxe), it's a lot cheaper for guests. This means more people staying in the resort...and a bigger food court. Landscapes of Flavor is ten times the size of Captain Cook's! Like I previously mentioned, usually Captain Cook's has about ten people working either the morning or afternoon shifts, while Landscapes has at least 50 working at one time. The process of clocking in and going on break were different from the Poly and the Floridian, but easy to get used to. 

The first day at Art I found someone on the bus who was going to cast services to drop off her costume for the day since she had already worked in the morning. I asked her about where to clock in and what to do, but it was a little difficult to picture when she described the directions. While I was walking towards the food court I found someone who looked like he worked in the same location I was about to go to, so I asked and he showed me around for a bit to make sure I knew where everything was and the process and who to talk to if I needed help. (This was all while he was already clocked out by the way, such a nice guy for doing that for me!)

Once I understood the basics, a coordinator gave me my first assignment: trash. Yup. I emptied trash for three hours. I had to lug this big cart around the entire dining room and just switch out trash bags and then empty them in the disposal outside for the first half of my shift. When I got my bump-out, I learned that since my shift was only six hours, I had a 15 minute break...and that was it. Back at the Poly, we would get 30 minute breaks for 6 hour shifts, so I was pretty surprised by how short we were allowed breaks at Art. When I was done with my break at the blink of an eye, I was bussing Route 66 (Cars section) until it was time for me to clock out.
Art of Animation costume!
Needless to say, working at Art wasn't very exciting. Besides trash and bussing, the other roles I was in charge of were restocking the bakery (favorite role), and stocking the cooler (SO COLD). I got to meet a lot of people there though, especially since there were so many people working at one time.

On dining room I had more guest interaction in comparison to all the other roles. There was these two certain guests that I will always remember. They were both older men, probably in their sixties or so, said they were from the UK area (can't remember which area specifically). One of the men had never been to Disney before, and he told me it was his ultimate dream to come to this place. They had found a deal through an airline or something to be able to come here and stay for two weeks. They asked me about places to explore in Epcot, what was in the big ball in the center, and about the Flower and Garden Festival. One day one of the men was so excited because he had met so many characters throughout his trip, he showed me his autograph book. He asked me who I've met and I named off most of my characters, and he told me he really wanted to meet Peter Pan. I told him I was lucky enough to see him a few weeks ago, and told them the best time and place to find him near Adventureland. The man would always wave to me and say hi and remember my name, and it definitely made the day better to talk to the two of them and hear about their adventures. I love seeing Disney's magic making people of all ages so happy!

By the time I was done at Art, I was definitely happy to be back at the Poly. To make things even better, I was on counter my first day back! Yay! My favorite role, and I hadn't been on it in a very long time. This week has been slowly starting to get a little crazier and crazier each day with Spring break starting to come in full swing. Wishes has been moved to 10 pm so now the rush for Dole Whips on the beach has moved to later in the night. A couple nights ago I was on register and we had the biggest rush around ten minutes before the grill was supposed to close, it was so strange! When we went to cash out, the line for the graveyard shift was ridiculously out of control, so one of the original register people had to go back and help calm down the line before coming back to finish banking out. Definitely going to be bracing myself for the next few weeks. Spring break is about to make things more exciting and crazy!

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