Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Snow White's Scary Adventures" Comes to a Close

Sad news: the classic "Snow White's Scary Adventures" ride will be shutting down on May 31 of this year in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. But fear not! The ride will still be available in Disneyland!

The ride will be replaced by a brand new Princess Fairytale Hall, probably much like the meet and greet princess area in Disneyland's Fantasyland. Here, guests will be able to meet all of their Disney princess favorites, such as Cinderella, Mulan, and even Snow White herself, all in one area!

This renovation and closing of the Snow White ride (which has been in the park since 1971) are all part of a new project to expand Disney World's Fantasyland. The first available improvement will be a portion of the Storybook Circus, opening in March of this year. This will include two new carousel's for a new and improved Dumbo's Flying Elephant ride, a revamp of the old Barnstormer roller coaster starring the Great Goofini, and a new Fantasyland station for the railroad which circles around the entire park.

Future projects for this expansion will include a brand new Snow White ride with a Seven Dwarfs diamond mine roller coaster. This will have innovative technology where you can actually feel the mining carts (the passenger's cars) swinging from left to right while you make sharp twists and turns. There will also be a new "Little Mermaid" ride, and a "Beauty and the Beast" themed section.

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