Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Interview a CP: Jessie (The Great Movie Ride)

Tour Guide Jessie!
Imagine taking a spectacular journey into the movies every day...and getting paid to do it! Jessie was able to do just this during her extension for her college program in Walt Disney World. Here's what she had to say about her experience!

What role did you have during the DCP, and where did you work? 
I actually did two programs with DCP. First I was in merchandise in Hollywood Studios Backlands in the fall of 2010, but then I got extended for Spring 2011 into attractions at one of my favorites, The Great Movie Ride!

What was a typical day like at work?  
No day and no schedule was ever the same as the next, but usually I'd clock in at whatever time, then start on a rotation performing in/driving the vehicle.  The "tour" would last 22 minutes.  During the tour I'd go through different movie scenes, get hijacked by a gangster or bandit, and then save the day!  Throughout the day, along with doing the tours, we would rotate through "land positions".  While at these land positions, we would lead guests into the "movie set" because the director was waiting!  The CPs at the ride tended to close most of the time, which was always super fun.  If you closed a vehicle, you would go through the ride in the vehicle by yourself and park in whatever scene was assigned to you.  Another job I always volunteered for was track walk. You got to walk the track!!!! 

Another thing movie riders did during the day (if you were lucky enough to get picked by the CDS) was parade control during the parade!

Is this the role you originally wanted? If not, are you happy you got it? 
When I first applied for my first program, it wasn't even on my mind!  I really wanted entertainment.  However, by the time I was able to extend into my second program, my first choice was GMR!  One of my merchandise managers actually told me I would be officially extending into GMR while my family was visiting and I was working.  I started jumping up and down and screaming!!

What are your favorite and least favorite parts about your job? 
My favorite part was definitely the performing for all of the guests every day.  It was always tons of fun watching little kids faces when I got hijacked and "died" and then killed the bad guy myself when I came back.  They would always ask, "How did you do that?" or just cry from happiness that I was alive.  I also loved being able to talk to the guests to find out where they were from.  I can't tell you how many people, who were obviously much older then I, would comment about my name tag.  They would tell me they were also from Philadelphia (my hometown), and more often then not it just so happened they had gone to my high school way back when!  The family atmosphere among my fellow movie riders was a super close second.  Everyone was just amazing to work with!  I was lucky enough to have a fantastic group of CPs with me, we all got along so well.
My least favorite part was having to leave my job when my program ended!  I know that sounds totally crazy, but I don't think I have any other least favorite parts.

Any specific magical moment you want to share?  
I don't even know if I can pick just one!!  I was able to be a part of magical moments every day, whether it was making a child a "Junior Tour Guide" or letting a random family go into our VIP entrance to make them feel that much more special.

What made you want to do the DCP? 
As I was growing up, I knew multiple people who did the DCP.  When I was in 6th grade, my family came down for a vacation and we got to ride on the Jungle Cruise of a family friend who was on the DCP!  I knew then I wanted to do the DCP someday.

Jessie (middle) and her fellow movie riders at DCP graduation
Is there something you wish you would have known before doing your program?  
I just wish I would have known even more of what Disney had to offer.  There are so many things happening there that we didn't even get to experience them all!

What advice would you give to those who want to participate in your role? 
Don't let the training and all of the spieling scare you.  It is a lot to handle with the long script and the quick loading, but the trainers will be there every step of the way.  Once you get it down, it will never leave you.  And always ask questions!  The other movie riders will help when you need it!  Be friends with your fellow movie riders.  They will become your family.  As we like to say a movie ride, "Once A Movie Rider, Always a Movie Rider."

What advice would you give to people who are interested in doing the DCP?
Go for it and do it!!!  You will never get another chance like it!  I did mine right after I graduated from college.  In my opinion, that was the best time to do it.  I was able to extend my program without having to worry about missing to much school, I didn't have to take the Disney classes so I had more time to play in the parks.  It was much better to be in the 21 and over apartments.
I would also tell anyone interested, if you know you are a BIG rule breaker, rethink the DCP.  Disney is super strict on rules.  I knew CPs who were terminated for things like cell phones out onstage, going to the park when you called in sick, having alcohol in the under 21 apartment, and other stupid little things.  Be smart and follow the rules and you will love your program! 

If you're a current or past college program cast member and would like to share your experience, email your name and role to to participate!

I hope everyone has a magical day!


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