Monday, October 8, 2012

Disney Halloween Ideas

I've been telling my followers on Tumblr that this year I'm going to be Snow White for Halloween, but I'm "Disneybound"-ing my costume.

What's Disneybound, you may ask? It's a lovely site made by the creative Leslie that gives you options and ideas to dress like any Disney character at an affordable price without buying the expensive fake looking costumes from the Halloween store.

I branched a little off of Disneybound because some of the outfits seemed a little too casual and possibly unrecognizable, and even pricey. Some followers were requesting my opinion and ideas for Disney inspired costumes, so I decided to take a stab at designing outfits myself!

I first made my own costume, and even included the exact skirt I ordered from Charlotte Ruse:

Eventually, people kept requesting more and more outfits, and I've started to have my own Disney Halloween costume collection!

You can see the entire collection on my Polyvore, here!

Do you have any requests? I might post some of my favorites on here as I make them! I'll also be sure to share photos of me and my friends on Halloween because we're all going to be Disney characters(:


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    1. I know exactly who this And yes, I'll try to do Thor.